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Best Boss: An Immersive Program for Managers

Do you remember your best boss?

Most of us do. Best bosses listen, affirm, and challenge people to help them perform and grow. Best bosses aspire higher, inspire teams to achieve more, and create environments where people don’t want to leave.

But how do they do it? Great management starts with the right mindset. It starts with shifting the way managers think about their responsibility as a leader and influencer.

For over a decade, we have designed customized management training courses for our clients. Again and again, we heard the phrase, “my best boss,” when describing what distinguished the most effective managers and those who made the biggest impact.

So we combined our many years of experience and expertise with proven research to create Best Boss — a program for managers who aspire to be great.

This program dives deep into the mindset, capabilities, and behaviors it takes to be an effective leader and to cultivate a growth mindset among a team.

Best Boss includes:

  • Skill-building exercises focused on providing feedback, mastering communication, connecting to a broader purpose, and supporting career development
  • On-demand, post-program e-learning modules to build and maintain course learnings
  • Performance management and goal setting resources

Ready to support the managers at your company and help them lead like a Best Boss?

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