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3 Best Practices of Future-Ready Leaders

More change is always on the horizon. But leaders can assess, adapt, and choose how to respond to the challenges and opportunities these times present. They can deliver business results and take care of their people, all while navigating the unknown.

We think of these leaders as being future ready. They set their sights beyond just surviving — and take the steps necessary for their organizations to thrive.

3 Best Practices of Future-Ready Leaders

1. Take a people-centered approach

No organization can change unless its people do, too — and some employees may be resistant to change, or simply need more help navigating it. By taking a people-centered approach, future-ready leaders win hearts and minds and unlock the “door of change” for people. Your people are your biggest asset, and they need at least as much time and energy as any other company resource. Future-ready leaders lead with empathy, and practice deep listening, humility, and expectation setting — all which help build a resilient team.

2. Lean into company culture

This is a time for leaders to lean on — and lean into — company culture. When change is constant, people need something to hold onto — a “north star” to guide them. That solid pillar and north star are found in an organization’s purpose, values, and key business priorities. Focusing on culture creates stronger, more resilient organizations — and leaders who focus on culture now will drive better outcomes in the long run.

3. Communicate clearly and often

Effective communication is especially important during times of change. People are looking for direction to help them process what’s happening, so it’s important to provide consistent and transparent communications so your employees are in-the-know and feel supported. Communication goes beyond the facts. Feelings matter. Stories matter. Small things — like asking someone how they are doing — can have a big impact. Future-ready leaders recognize that communication is an essential job requirement, and they are intentional about doing it well.

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