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Change Communication Training for Leaders

Lead change by communicating with empathy, clarity, agility, consistency, and results


Change communication training from Blue Beyond Consulting gives you the direction and resources needed to light the way forward, even in the face of uncertainty. In our 4-hour virtual training, your team of 20-30 will learn how to:

  • Communicate with clarity and empathy to rapidly build understanding and commitment
  • Anticipate and respond effectively to tough questions and negative reactions
  • Adjust your communication approach to support people as they process change
  • Create a climate of trust and safety that moves people from passive viewers to active agents — the outcomes that matter in successful change communications

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Change sparks questions.
People are looking to you for answers.

You need to help your teams understand what’s happening and why. You need to lead them in letting go of what’s in the past, so they can be part of what’s next. And you need more than an email and some talking points — you need a mindset and tools so you can respond to situations and concerns in the moment and over time.

Not sure where to start? Our training for 20-30 leaders can help.

Looking for something more in-depth than a 4-hour session? Do you need hands-on change communication support in addition to training for leaders?

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