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Why Connection in the Workplace Matters


Jan/Feb 2022

Prioritizing well-being for employees in this New Year is more important than ever before as organizations adapt to the transformational shift taking place between employers and employees. To recruit and retain the best talent on the market, it’s essential that we provide a working environment that is stimulating, caring, and motivating. 

One of the best ways to foster well-being in the workplace is to be very intentional about building effective relationships with employees so they feel connected and supported. Fostering connections and investing in relationship building not only helps to boost trust and psychological safety but it drives employee engagement and creates a culture of belonging. In this edition of “Out of the Blue,” we take a closer look at why connection in the workplace matters.


Cheryl Fields Tyler | Founder and CEO



How can leaders work to foster more connections between their employees? Members of the Forbes Business Council, including our founder and CEO Cheryl Fields Tyler, share tried-and-true strategies to naturally build employee relationships and increase engagement.

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