Creating the Future We Yearn For: A Look Back at the Last 10 Years

Life is a journey of discovery and invention.  If you think of your life and work as a canvas, part of the joy of life is finding that the canvas is bigger than you thought—we are not constrained to just one small square.  The realm of possibility beckons. The canvas is bigger than you think.

Ten years ago this month, we created Blue Beyond Consulting. When we created Blue Beyond, we were clear that being excellent at our day jobs was necessary, but not sufficient. We wanted to stand for a higher purpose. We wanted to leverage our collective talent and the fruits of our labors to do good in the world, both in the work we do with our clients and in how we invest our time and money beyond our consulting efforts. Even though at that point we were only 3 or 4 people, we didn’t want to see our work as just what we do every day—we wanted to see our work in the context of the big canvas.

For us, then and now, framing that big canvas is a simple but very compelling question: what is the future we yearn for? We came up with seven statements that together express the higher purpose that animates our work. Each one of these statements of purpose are big ideas—and taken together, I have to admit that it feels not just a little audacious to think our little company could set our sights on contributing in any meaningful way to such big ideas. But, the realm of possibility beckons us to see the canvas as much larger than our small part—and to commit ourselves to using our collective talent to do whatever we can to help create the future we yearn for.

For the remainder of 2016, we’re celebrating our tenth anniversary by delving deeper into each of these big ideas to share stories of how we are living up to these commitments and find points of inflection where we can do more. This exercise isn’t just about Blue Beyond Consulting and those in our orbit. We all have the power to create the future we yearn for because as trite as it sounds, we collectively share this big canvas—and the only way to fill that canvas with work that is good is to work together. If capitalism is the bedrock of our system for taking ideas to reality in our world, then businesses own the moral responsibility to do our part to do good work to sustain our people and planet.

Below are the seven statements that sum up the future we collectively yearn for. To honor the last ten years and in honor of the big canvas that beckons us forward to the next ten, in the coming weeks we will be sharing stories that exemplify each of them and inviting others to join us.

  1. Business is a force for good.

  2. We live as global citizens, cherishing our common humanity and respecting our diversity.

  3. We have a deep, sustaining, and conscientious connection to nature and an enduring stewardship for our particular place on the planet.

  4. Our workplaces are a genuine source of community and connection.

  5. Group genius is catalyzed to help solve our most intractable problems.

  6. Every child has the chance to flourish, learn, and thrive. The future is what we are here for.

  7. Mind, soul, heart, and body health is valued and nurtured in our workplaces and in our communities.

We can’t wait to share our story with you and to hear yours. Follow along on social media at #FutureWeYearnFor and #BlueBeyond10.

Here’s to the big canvas, here’s to Blue Beyond!