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Out of the Blue Newsletter July/August 2021

Organizational Effectiveness

Welcome to this new and reimagined edition of Out of the Blue – our bi-monthly look at people-centered trends and challenges facing leaders and their teams. 

Organizations have been through a lot in the past year. As businesses navigate returning to the office, going hybrid, or remaining 100% virtual, it’s crucial to ensure employees are engaged and managers are empowered, so all are set up for success.

In this edition, we focus on organizational effectiveness, providing insights and curated content to help leaders engage employees as co-creators of this new future of work. The best way to strengthen organizational effectiveness is through workplace cultures grounded in Deep Trust and High Expectations™ — where both the business and the people thrive.

Cheryl Fields Tyler | Founder and CEO


We’re here to help you build or strengthen your workplace culture with inspiring managers and engaged employees.


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