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Culture Toolkit: 5 Ways to Connect Your Remote Team

A true testament to our organizational culture is how we show up for each other during times of uncertainty. While it’s up to each of us to live our culture every day, this can become challenging when we’re no longer working together face-to-face. Supporting one another and building connections is crucial to the emotional well-being of our teams and in turn, crucial to the success of our business. Focusing on what makes your company unique — shared norms, mindsets, and behaviors — will enable your team to work together effectively.

Whether you are an individual employee, a leader, or a cultural ambassador for your company, there are many ways to promote your culture and build connections with your remote team — here are five to get you started.

5 Ways to Connect Your Remote Team

  1. Jump-start the conversation
    Being intentional and creating the space to get to know your colleagues helps strengthen connections within your team and promotes your culture. One simple and engaging way to do this is by beginning your next meeting with interesting icebreaker questions. Use these conversation cards and ideas to get started.
  2. Put your values into action
    Your company’s values are the heart of your culture. Use these guiding principles to influence the way you relate to your colleagues and your clients by letting them help you navigate this time. This activity will help you and your team reflect and align on how your values can guide you. Download the activity to get started.
  3. Make others feel seen and valued
    Overcome out-of-sight, out-of-mind perceptions with recognition. Showing appreciation and celebrating successes of any size builds connection. Here’s a fun eCard you can personalize and send right away to give kudos to a colleague. Discover more ways to recognize and appreciate others to increase connection.
  4. Share stories
    Storytelling is a powerful way to build a feeling of community and create lore. This activity is a unique way to capture inspiring stories about how people are bringing your company culture to life, and it provides an opportunity to take a break from day-to-day work to get inspired. Download the activity and template to get started.
  5. Assemble a culture team
    Every company has highly engaged people — the ones who embody the culture, are natural collaborators, and seek out development opportunities. Empower those people to help bring your culture to life and strengthen connections by establishing a culture ambassador program. Regardless of role or location, culture ambassadors can contribute in a variety of ways. Interested in learning more about developing a program for your company? Contact us.

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