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What Kind of Organizational Culture Do You Want to Create?

Takeaways from the 2nd Annual Culture Summit in San Francisco
by Lili Polastri and Stephanie Denman

We recently spent a day with hundreds of professionals from around the world, from all levels of organizations, who are passionate about organizational culture and its impact on business. We met up with this enthusiastic group at the 2nd annual Culture Summit in San Francisco on August 18.  The event was founded by Hung Pham in 2014. The purpose: to shine a light on the impact that engaged employees can have on a company’s bottom line.

How to Create Organizational Culture

Ideally, organizational culture is modeled, driven and enabled by leaders. But ultimately, everyone has to own it. Why? Because culture cannot be driven by leaders alone. When leaders don’t drive it, culture can spring from different groups at every level resulting in silos, disconnection, and ambiguity around the company persona. Organizations thrive when culture and business strategy are in alignment.

Creating a Purpose-Driven Workplace Culture is a Remedy to Disengagement

Adam “Smiley” Poswolsky, author of The Quarter-Life Breakthrough conveyed the alarming statistic that 70% of Americans are disengaged at work. He says creating a purpose-driven workplace culture (e.g. pursuing what’s most meaningful to you, not comparing yourself to others, and approaching your work from a point of service) can be a remedy. We tend to agree.

Culture is To Recruiting What Products Are to Marketing

When it comes to how your company values can strengthen culture, Katie Burke, VP of Culture and Experience at HubSpot issued an important reminder to the audience — you can’t be remarkable at everything. Her recommendation to leaders is to pick a few things they feel are the most important, and double click on them; invest in these things and incorporate them consistently every step of the way – from candidate, to employee, to alumni.

Watch more Culture Summit highlights from our inspirational day together in the video below.


San Francisco Culture Summit Takeaways from Blue Beyond Consulting.
Several photo stills from the video are courtesy of Culture Summit