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10 Attributes of High-Performing Teams

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” We love this quote by Ken Blanchard because it sums up perfectly why it’s so critical to build effective, high-performing teams – the outcomes are exponentially better!

There are few things more energizing at work than being part of an incredible team – one that works seamlessly together, challenges each other to think in new and creative ways, and delivers fantastic results.

At Blue Beyond we rely on group genius. Our teaming model is what enables us to deliver our best work. Based on our own experience and time spent working with global teams from Fortune 500 companies everyday, we’ve identified 10 common attributes of high-performing teams.

Take a look at our list below and think about how your team is doing. Where do you perform well and where are there opportunities to grow? Our High-Performing Team Self-Assessment can help you identify areas where you’re successful, where there’s room to improve, and the key steps you can take to get to where you want to be.

Research shows high-performing teams are happier, more engaged and help drive business results. So get your team performing at it’s full potential today!


10 Attributes of High-Performing Teams:

  • Clear and aligned purpose. Everyone understands our vision, purpose and goals and is focused on achieving them.
  • Clear roles and responsibilities. We each know how to contribute to those goals, and understand how all of our pieces fit together. We leverage our individual strengths to achieve our goals.
  • Build trust through relationships. We encourage everyone to bring their whole selves to work. We know and care for each other. We show empathy and compassion. We act in the best interest of the team/the company/the work. We hold and trust each other to be accountable.
  • Communicate frequently and effectively. We keep each other informed, share information, provide updates, provide context, and let each other know if something has changed. We’ve also figured out the best channels for communication – when to have a meeting, how to leverage IM/email.
  • Collaborate often. We truly believe in the power of group genius, leverage each other’s strengths, and partner effectively – all with the larger goals and purpose in mind. We give each other feedback with the intention of helping each other show up at our best, deliver our best, and be successful together.
  • Appreciate & encourage diverse thinking. We see differing perspectives and opinions as an opportunity for new ways of thinking and eliciting new ideas. Different opinions help us expand our thinking, develop a wider array of solutions/ideas, learn and improve our output.
  • Manage conflict constructively. We don’t always agree, but we can talk with each other when that happens. We view conflict as an opportunity to learn.
  • Learn and adapt. We enjoy exploring new ideas, we’re curious, ask questions and challenge each other’s thinking. We’re able to try, fail, learn, adapt and adjust our course as we bring in new information.
  • Celebrate success and show appreciation. We congratulate and thank each other for the great work people are doing. We also show appreciation for the individual people on the team.
  • Measure outcomes and success – We can tie back our work to our purpose and goals in a way that allows us to feel, see and understand the broader impact we make.

This blog post was last modified in October, 2020.


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