stephanie simons

Stephanie Simons


Stephanie is a consultant at Blue Beyond with a strong background in Talent Acquisition and Development. Her primary expertise lies in employee engagement, leading and managing people, and nurturing thriving cultures.

Stephanie values transparent dialogue and empathetic listening. As an agency recruiter, she heard first hand from employees about why they left jobs and learned the importance of people programs in the talent war. As a Learning & Development professional, she researched and tested the latest theories in employee onboarding, manager training, and microlearning while collaborating with C-Level stakeholders — all of which have prepared her for her time at Blue Beyond.

Stephanie graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and also majored in Art History. She is complimented most on her high levels of energy and excellence.

What skills and expertise do you bring to the team?

My background in talent development brings expertise in onboarding, engagement, coaching, and empowerment. All of this is wasted though without empathetic listening skills. I care about how people feel in organizations and ask probing questions to understand their challenges, wants, and aspirations. Then, I try to just listen – without judgment, distraction, or intent to respond.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

Curiosity drives me because there’s so much to learn about people, organizations, and the world. It’s incredibly exciting to work in a field where learning drives your success. I find it very rewarding to explore the unique challenges and successes of each client and continue learning from each of these experiences to offer continuously better solutions.

What is your favorite time of the year? Why?

I love summer for those gloriously long days. With all that extra time in the evening, I love inviting friends over to barbecue and going to outdoor movies and plays. All of the sunshine means I exercise more, and all of the fresh produce means I eat healthier. Everything about summer just makes me feel happy.

Do you have a favorite question?

I enjoy asking people about their reading preferences. Consequentially, I have an incredibly long list of books I want to pick up, but I like hearing about people’s interests and hobbies outside of work. It always sparks an engaging conversation about their intellectual curiosities and writing style.

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