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Sara Altizer

Visual Communications

As Head of Visual Communications, Sara leads our team of visual communications consultants — providing design thinking and creative direction in delivering the work for our clients. She began working with Blue Beyond as a creative partner in 2012 before joining the company full-time in 2016 to build both our visual communications and marketing teams. In both capacities, Sara has been instrumental in creating brand awareness, infusing design thinking into our consulting practice, and telling the Blue Beyond story externally.

Sara has been working in visual communications since 1998. Her previous roles working at a global advertising agency, managing a large design team for a national magazine, and owning a visual communications company, have all prepared her for her career at Blue Beyond.

Sara is most complimented on her ability to simplify complex concepts into compelling visual communication by deeply understanding the audience and the intended outcomes of our clients.

What skills and expertise do you bring to the team?

I am a seasoned creative director who excels at simplifying complex concepts to present them in a visually compelling way. Pulling from my experience in communications and marketing, I am a strategic thinker and hands-on designer who strives to help businesses tell their stories.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

I find creative and design work incredibly rewarding because I get to collaborate with interesting people and use my skills to creatively solve problems. Everyone consumes information differently and I’m proud that I can help create visually pleasing, smart, and simple pieces that help businesses tell their stories. Although I’ve worked with Blue Beyond over the past six years, this year I became a full-time employee. I’m excited to be using the skills and knowledge I’ve accumulated over years of self-employment to contribute to strengthening Blue Beyond’s brand and team offerings. And I’m thrilled to be part of a team that has such outstanding talent. I’m a life-long learner and find it rewarding to push myself to learn new things.

What does "team" mean to you?

I grew up being an athlete, so to me TEAM is an important word. It means collaboration, communication, understanding the common goal, playing to each other’s strengths, helping each other to grow, celebrating victories, and learning from challenges. I believe these practices not only apply to sports but to business and life in general.

Name a peak experience in your life. What happened?

In 2008 I needed a change. I left a stable job because there was something tugging at me to do so. With an uncertain future I decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do: take a cross-country road trip — solo. So, I packed up my car with as much camping/hiking gear as I had — and headed west from Indiana. (Before this trip, I had never camped by myself.) I was gone nearly a month and got to experience the Rocky Mountains, the Painted Desert, Mesa Verde, the Grand Canyon — then I headed over to the coast and drove up Hwy 1 to San Francisco camping along the way in Big Sur and Monterey. I learned a lot about myself during this trip and was forever changed when I returned. I learned that I could do anything I put my mind to. I learned that there is an abundance of knowledge in silence. I learned that sometimes the meandering path is the most rewarding. After returning, I started my own graphic design business and ran it successfully for six years before becoming a part of the Blue Beyond team.

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