Liz Erban


Liz joins Blue Beyond as an intern, and has worked as the owner and lead photographer of a thriving wedding photography studio for over five years. 

Her work in this field has given Liz invaluable experience in project management, client relations, communications, collaboration, marketing, and more. It has also given her the ability to be adaptable in working with a wide variety of people of differing personalities, professional/personal lives, and backgrounds. 

Liz is known for her quick, thoughtful communication style and her dedication to helping others succeed. She holds a B.S. in Marketing & Advertising from Grand Canyon University.

What skills and expertise do you bring to the team?

I’m a great problem solver because I’m a great listener. I love listening to people’s (often jumbled) thoughts regarding a problem or issue they are facing, finding the root of the issue, and then working together to create a game plan of practical solutions. I take pride in my compassionate communication skills. In our busy world, I think that intentionality, understanding, and a kind email response all go a long way.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

Setting people up for success. Whether that means taking on a project for a team member, proofreading an email, or troubleshooting a difficult situation — I love when I can contribute to another person’s “win”.

What is your favorite time of the year? Why?

Well, my first inclination is to say Fall. But, I live in Southern California, so we don’t typically experience Fall until around mid-December. So, my answer: California winter. I love getting to cozy up on the couch with a warm cup of tea, a slice of homemade pie, and a Wes Anderson film in the background. It’s pretty #basic, but I’m okay with that.

What do you think makes an effective team?

Intentionality: We can’t create effective teams if we are only ever considering our own thoughts, feelings, opinions, and schedules. Think of other people as often as you think of yourself, and you’ll experience a lot less conflict.

Connection: Taking time to connect with teammates outside of the obligatory Zoom meetings re: tasks, projects, etc. is so important. We aren’t just co-workers or teammates; we’re also fellow human beings with hobbies, loved ones, and personal lives. It’s crucial to get to know who people are outside of who they are at work — even if it’s just asking, “What’s bringing you joy today?”.

Purpose: When teams are working with a common purpose in mind, they’re unstoppable forces.

Do you have a favorite question?

“What would you do if you knew you absolutely could not fail?”

Name a peak experience in your life. What happened?

I always think back to this one day the summer between high school and college. My extended family (all 10 of us) took a trip to Europe, and we spent one of the days in Capri, Italy. We chartered a traditional Gozzo boat that took us all the way around the island. The water was bluer than I’d ever seen before, and we spent the afternoon swimming and eating fresh margherita pizzas. It was truly one of the best days of my entire life.

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