Blue Beyond Consulting
Graphic Facilitation

Lavinia Westfall

Lavinia is a member of our Graphic Facilitation team, with nearly 10 years of experience as a visual practitioner.

In the words of a colleague, Lavinia “does the doodles.” She found her first work family right after college at Root Learning Inc., where she helped Fortune 500 companies find a path with heart through art. She started on the Concepting team, creating art for Root’s trademark Learning Maps. After a couple of years, she started making art for the animation, film, design, and marketing teams. By the end of seven years, she had doodled her way to two Creative Excellence awards and one Collaborative Design award.

After Root, Lavinia worked as a freelance illustrator for a year and half, creating art for book promo kits, branding for craft breweries, and painting many a baby portrait. A couple of her good friends had made a home at Blue Beyond and invited her to join them in their joyous day to day. She shares Blue Beyond’s belief that all people are special, each person has a gift, and you have something to learn from everyone.

Lavinia graduated summa cum laude and holds a B.F.A. in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design.