Blue Beyond Consulting

Janna Whitney Rider

Janna is a Blue Beyond consultant with over 15 years of experience in business development and communications. 

Prior to joining Blue Beyond, she worked at a Big Four professional services firm where she spent several years in Business Development before moving into the Communications and Employee Engagement team. On that team, she developed expertise in Executive Communications, Internal Communications, Communications Strategy and Planning, and more for both region- and globally-based leaders and teams. At Blue Beyond, Janna applies her experience to Employee Engagement and Culture projects. 

Janna’s primary passion is people, and especially people at work. She is excited by Talent programs and initiatives that help people perform at their best, both individually and on teams, and she is energized by the work of designing corporate cultures that maximize human performance. At the end of the day, Janna loves helping people love their workplaces and the work they do.

In her own work, Janna is known for a collaborative approach to problem-solving and solution-building. She brings a creative spirit and a growth mindset to her projects, which helps to ensure ideas and work products are fresh, timely, and highly relevant, and that the proposed solutions have staying power.

She resides in Rochester, along the Lake Ontario shoreline, with her husband and three young adult-aged stepchildren. 

Janna earned dual Bachelor’s degrees in Communication and English from Roberts Wesleyan College in her native Rochester, NY. She earned a Master’s in Communications (emphasis on Rhetorical Analysis and Public Address) from the University of Maryland College Park. More recently, she earned a Master’s in Theology from Northeastern Seminary, also in Rochester, NY.