Diana Arsensian

Diana Arsenian

Consulting & Graphic Facilitation

Diana is an internationally recognized consultant who uses graphic facilitation to enable strategic thinking, reflection, and change for individuals, teams, and organizations. A former art director and senior consultant with The Grove Consultants International, Diana uses images and words to capture information, ideas, and dialogue that emerge from group discussions, weaving the information into large visual narratives. This helps individuals and participants in meetings and gatherings to truly see and understand their shared ideas, and to effectively collaborate in building off of them.

She has worked closely with David Cooperrider, the creator of the Appreciative Inquiry, for the past 20 years and applies this methodology to her graphic vision coaching practice. Diana has worked with Fortune 500 companies, major non-profits, foundations, universities, and government agencies. She is fluent in Spanish and English and has worked internationally and cross-culturally.

In her free time, Diana nurtures her passion for art by painting and creating one-of-a-kind Artist Books in her studio in Sausalito, California. She is a licensed SoulCollage facilitator and leads workshops & retreats exploring the creative process.

What skills and expertise do you bring to the team?

I bring active listening, big-picture thinking, and deep design experience to the team. I graphically facilitate groups through vision sessions, strategic planning, and more open-ended brainstorming. This process includes architecting complex information into visual story maps that can become learning tools for sharing across the group or organization. I pose questions that lead to rich and meaningful dialogue and then “mirror back” the collective thinking in a way that can unlock new ways forward.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

Helping people reach clarity and alignment and knowing that visual thinking was the tool that helped them get there. This process allows people to tap into their own potential of creative expression and problem-solving – I simply draw out their ideas and bring their larger vision to life.

What work have you done that you're particularly proud of?

I’m proud of the experiences I have lived with this profession! It has taken me everywhere in the world and allowed me to witness the most amazing gatherings and deep, meaningful conversations on topics that matter. I am proud of the visual stories that depict with images and words what took place in that moment in time. The visual stories become communication tools that are shared with others. I’m also proud of the way that “visual arts” has been embraced by the world of business and institutions.

What makes you proud to work at Blue Beyond?

I am amazed with the quality of this team — smart, creative, supportive, and willing to share and learn. It is a special environment for growth and development.

What is your Blue Beyond?

Always keep alive the sense of wonder. Question everything, be curious, and explore all the possibilities. Stay passionate about life, dream the impossible, and harness the energy with a great strategic plan of action!!

Do you have a favorite question?

My favorite question is one that my mentor once asked me…WHAT is the question whose answer will set you free?

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