Blue Beyond Consulting

Deonna Simpson

Deonna is an Associate for Purpose and Culture, with nearly a decade of experience in leadership and communications, higher education, counseling, and non-profit organizations.

Prior to joining Blue Beyond, she was an Academic Advisor, Counselor and Lead Training Consultant in the community college sector. She collaborated with students, faculty, and staff to enhance academic success through coaching, advocacy, and project management efforts. As a relationship-driven change agent, Deonna embodies authenticity, inclusion, and achievement in every endeavor. She is an expert communicator who places value on building rapport, exceeding expectations, leading by example, and effectively navigating cultural evolutions in the workplace.

As an intuitive advocate with professionally crafted interpersonal skills and a desire for life-long learning, Deonna’s primary strengths include self-awareness and flexibility to change, as well as talent development, DEI, employee engagement, and public speaking.

Deonna is a double alumna of Middle Tennessee State University, with a Master’s in Professional Counseling and a Bachelor’s in Communications.