anne larue
Visual Communications

Anne is a graphic designer on our Creative Services team with more than 20 years of experience working in collaborative, creative, and fast-paced environments.

Prior to joining Blue Beyond, Anne worked for a variety of large CPG companies as their in-house graphic designer. She led a team of graphic designers and was responsible for overseeing and coordinating projects while partnering closely with the Brand Marketing Director. Being a part of many collaborative environments gave Anne extensive experience engaging with brand teams, procurement, commercialization, and print vendors. She learned how to work with diverse teams toward a common goal, and strengthened her problem solving and project management skills. Anne is also known for jumping at opportunities to train and mentor junior designers and even took on a teaching role for a semester, and still volunteers to review portfolios a couple times a year. She enjoys the rewarding feeling of inspiring peers and students.

Anne has received numerous awards for technical printing of product packaging and holds a BFA with a major in Graphic Design from Ball State University.

What skills and expertise do you bring to the team?

I have a tremendous amount of experience to share with the Blue Beyond team from my 20+ years in collaborative creative working environments. I feel lucky to have worked with so many talented individuals that have helped me develop into who I am today, whether it be providing insights into my own strengths or taking the time to share their knowledge with me. 

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

Creating design solutions that my clients are ecstatic about. 

What is your favorite time of the year? Why?

Fall. I love the more moderate colors, the drier weather, and leaves changing color. It is always such a welcome reprieve from summer. 

Do you have a favorite question?

How does that make you feel? I like to ask this question to colleagues to de-escalate stressful or frustrating work situations.

Name a peak experience in your life. What happened?

Pushing myself outside of my comfort zone by accepting a teaching position. I found it incredibly rewarding and I learned so much from my students. It was terrifying, but it has given me so much confidence in public speaking and managing people. I loved teaching at Ivy Tech; fostering a collaborative classroom and helping students develop their skills was deeply rewarding for me, and I found working in an academic environment challenging and invigorating.

What learning experience had the biggest impact on who you are now?

Being in a positive work culture after being in a work environment that wasn’t so. It allowed me to grow and develop skillsets and strengths that I was unaware I had.

What's your favorite place?

Being outside in nature away from crowds of people. It helps me feel centered. I also love being surrounded by plants and animals. Despite hiking through some of the same areas on a regular basis, there is always something different if you pay close attention – plants blooming or a different bird species. I love catching those brief interactions. They make my day. 

If you could take the year off, what would you do?

I’m torn between hiking the Appalachian Trail or touring Europe on my bicycle. Both situations warrant camping every night and traveling.

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