Blue Beyond Consulting
Business Development

Allie Barcome

Allie is Blue Beyond’s Head of Business Development, with over five years of experience in the marketing and communications fields. 

She has worked in a unique variety of industries, starting her career in collegiate athletics, and then moving to the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Her experience in these roles made Allie adept at learning technical things swiftly, more agile in the way she approaches work, and gave her the opportunity to work with clients to learn about their pain points and motivations. These transactions were not a single event, but rather generational decisions that had large, long-term impacts on many people. As a “people person,” Allie enjoyed this process of working closely with clients and bringing value to her team. 

Allie is known for being intentional and thoughtful — and always strives to go beyond just “checking a box” in her work. She holds a BA in Strategic Communications from Butler University.