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Blue Beyond Conversation Cards are a fun, engaging way to kick off team meetings, offsites, or 1:1s all while getting to know your colleagues better and building team camaraderie. Each card in the 30-card deck features three conversation starters designed to help you unearth interesting – and often surprising – facts about the people you spend time with every day.

Engage employees, increase team effectiveness, and have some fun with Blue Beyond Conversation Cards™
  • Blue Beyond Conversation Starter Cards

    Connect with employees

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    Improve culture

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    Increase collaboration

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    Learn something new

Research shows that team building activities help boost collaboration, teamwork, happiness, and productivity. Taking the time to simply have a conversation can help create an office culture where people feel connected, genuinely enjoy each other, and are more excited to come to work.    

Ways to use your Blue Beyond Conversation Cards™

Speed Chat

Warm up your next team meeting with a 3×6 “speed chat”

• 3, two-minute chats — 6 minutes total
• Work in pairs
• Each person asks their partner a question from a card
• One minute per answer
• Switch partners and repeat


Jump start your 1:1s

• Each person draws a card
• Alternate asking each other a question

Lunch Conversations

Spice up your lunch conversations

• Each person draws a card
• Alternate asking each other a question

Featured Case Study

Offsite Experience Improves Internal Teamwork and External Reputation

We designed and facilitated a custom offsite to unite, align, and establish a value proposition to improve team effectiveness  

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