The space between “this is who we are” and “this is what we do” has never been thinner.

Culture and strategy go hand in hand. When the two are aligned, all your people programs and processes work together to support the business strategy, people clearly understand how they can contribute to the business, and they are more invested and engaged in their work.

When your cultural strengths align with your strategic priorities, your culture is...

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    Exemplified and amplified by the words and deeds of leaders

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    Actuated in an architecture of organizational practices and processes

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    Grounded in shared purpose, values, mindsets, rituals, stories, and lore

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    Visible in all relationships—colleagues, customers and other stakeholders

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    Evident in our aspiration and practice on a day-to-day basis

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A 2018 Gartner report shows that companies who shift to a people-focused culture and process-focused strategy achieve high workforce-culture alignment, resulting in a 9% increase in revenue performance and a 22% increase in employee performance.

Our holistic approach is centered around assessing, nurturing, creating, and sustaining a thriving culture that supports your business strategy.
  • Conducting strategic assessments to determine current state and desired future state culture

  • Partnering with leaders and stakeholders to create a comprehensive culture strategy plan that supports future business growth

  • Gathering feedback to help define, refine, and maintain the culture strategy

  • Aligning people programs and processes to your culture strategy, including HR process, training, learning & development, rewards & recognition

  • Developing inspiring communications and designing compelling visuals that tell the company story and bring your culture to life for the rest of the organization

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