organizational values cards

Blue Beyond Values Cards™ are a comprehensive set of cards that feature more than 85 universal organizational values. The cards provide a simple yet powerful tool for aligning team members in identifying and prioritizing the most important values, mindsets, and behaviors that drive the organization forward.

A simple tool and process for engaging and guiding teams in core organizational values identification and articulation
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    Provide the foundation for a collaborative, engaging team exercise

    Card sorting exercise gives team members a solid place to start and helps avoid unproductive “wordsmithing”

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    Inspire rich, productive dialogue

    Encourages meaningful conversation about what the organization stands for and why

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    Surface the most important values essential for the future

    Watch the pile whittle down as participants explore and debate what matters most to the organization

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    Build alignment around shared ideals

    Highly collaborative-approach ensures every voice is heard and everyone is involved in defining the value-driven behaviors they’d like to see every day

Featured Case Study

Core Values Identification & Articulation Workshop Strengthens Internal Culture and Engagement

We designed and led a workshop to help identify and articulate core organizational values and inspire employees to embody values in day-to-day work.

What participants had to say following a recent Blue Beyond Organizational Values workshop:

Need help identifying and articulating your organization’s core values?