Mariah is an Account Lead at Blue Beyond. She works closely with leaders and teams to facilitate organizational alignment, engage employees, navigate change, and achieve business results. She holds a BA in Communications from USC with a minor in Leadership Studies. Read more about Mariah.

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Making the Move From Performance Management to Performance Development: 4 Must-Know Insights

As more and more companies move away from traditional performance management processes to embrace rating-less reviews and encourage more frequent conversations, they’re finding the change is easier in theory than in practice. At their core, performance management programs are really about supporting employees to elevate their performance in ways that advance the company’s goals and…

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Generational Learning Differences: Myth or Truth?

As the millennial generation has poured into the workplace, it’s become a hot topic among company and HR leaders alike about how to motivate, engage, develop, and retain the different generations in the workforce. But is the difference real or perceived? Exploring Generational Learning Differences I was recently asked to present on a webinar panel…