Karen is an Account Lead at Blue Beyond with expertise in internal communications, employee engagement, change management, building thriving cultures, and “inside-out” marketing – brand-building through employees first. Read more about Karen.

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Employee Value Proposition: What is it and why do you need one? [INFOGRAPHIC]

When done right, an employee value proposition (EVP) can help decrease turnover, increase commitment from new hires, and inspire loyalty and engagement from all your employees. What is an EVP? The infographic below provides a simple definition and data to support why it’s critical. For more on how to build, live, and sustain a value proposition for…

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The Power of Manager Communications During Times of Growth and Turmoil

As a communications professional, I know that managers are the preferred source of company information.  So I’ve spent years producing “stuff” to help managers deliver the corporate message: Talking points, FAQs, videos, slide templates. Unfortunately, some managers don’t use the communication tools they’re given, thinking there’s not enough time in the day or that they…