Erin is an Account Lead at Blue Beyond and has been consulting for profit and nonprofit organizations for more than a decade. Erin offers expertise in strategic visioning, change leadership, organizational effectiveness, and talent development. She holds a BA in Psychology and a Master’s in Dispute Resolution. Read more about Erin.

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Celebrating Your Co-Workers: A Simple Way to Create a Company Culture of Appreciation

Who owns culture and engagement in your organization?  You may have a department that organizes and coordinates large scale engagement initiatives, and while those give you the opportunity to spotlight the company culture you want to promote, companies also need more than big events that are only moments in time. Your true organizational culture shows…

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The Gift of Asking

Many of us feel uncomfortable asking for things – whether we’re asking for help, asking for money, asking someone to buy something (Girl Scout Cookies anyone?), or asking for business. The need to “ask” can feel awkward, vulnerable or even rude. This discomfort is primarily generated by the asker’s past experience, insecurities, confidence level, belief…