“86 percent of executives believe their company’s culture is an important or very important issue—but only 12 percent of those executives believe they are driving the right culture.”

[ 2016 Global Human Capital Report ]

Culture is what brings your strategy to life. It’s how you get work done, and it’s who you are to one another. Yet, organizational culture is the single most important thing holding companies back from executing on their business strategies. So how do you create and sustain an effective company culture?

This step-by-step playbook offers a best practice framework for tackling culture change within your organization and achieving lasting results.

Download the culture change playbook for advice on how to:

  • Clarify how your culture is linked to the future success of your business

  • Engage the organization to create a compelling culture aspiration

  • Build the architecture and plan to stimulate and sustain desired culture

  • Demonstrate leadership commitment and appreciation of desired behaviors

  • Execute the culture change plan, empowering the organization to aspire and achieve

organizational culture change playbook